What FQDN’s and IP’s are used by SonicWall products to update their services?


This article lists the Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) in use by SonicWall for its licensing and security services.


SonicWall firewalls:

  • lm2.sonicwall.com – Registration information/licensing.
  • licensemanager.sonicwall.com – Registration information/licensing for older firewalls.
  • software.sonicwall.com – Softwares, firmwares, NetExtender, GVC.
  • responder.global.sonicwall.com – Probe target.
  • clientmanager.sonicwall.com – Client CF enforcement download.
  • policymanager.sonicwall.com – Global Security Client.
  • convert.global.sonicwall.com – Preference processor server.
  • geodnsd.global.sonicwall.com – Used for flow reporting and GeoIP.
  • webcfs00.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs01.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs02.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs03.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs04.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs05.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs06.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs07.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs08.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs10.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • webcfs11.global.sonicwall.com – Content filter server.
  • gcsd.global.sonicwall.com – Cloud antivirus and status.
  • sig2.sonicwall.com – Signature updates.
  • sigserver.global.sonicwall.com – Signature updates for older firewalls.
  • lmdashboard.global.sonicwall.com – License manager dashboard.
  • appreports.global.sonicwall.com – App reports server.
  • sonicsandbox.global.sonicwall.com – Default Capture ATP server (west coast) UDP 2259, and https (tcp 443).
  • sonicsandboxmia.global.sonicwall.com  – East coast capture ATP server UDP 2259, and https (tcp 443).
  • utmgbdata.global.sonicwall.com – Map info URL domain.
  • cfssupport.sonicwall.com – View rating of a website.
  • cloudtt.global.sonicwall.com – Zero Touch provisioning
  • eprs2.global.sonicwall.com (,, – Content Filter Client servers.
  • wsdl.mysonicwall.com  – Automatic preference backups and firmware downloads.
  • sonicsandbox.global.sonicwall.com
  • sonicsandboxmia.global.sonicwall.com
  • sonicsandboxams.global.sonicwall.com
  • sonicsandboxfra.global.sonicwall.com
  • sonicsandboxtko.global.sonicwall.com

    This information can also be found in the Tech Support Report (TSR). More information about the TSR can be found in the following article:
    How to Download Tech Support Files (TSR, EXP, Logs) From SonicWall UTM Firewalls

Capture Client software:

  • captureclient-36.sonicwall.com
  • captureclient.sonicwall.com
  • sonicwall.sentinelone.net (S1 agent)
  • software.sonicwall.com (software package updates)
  • sonicsandbox.global.sonicwall.com (Capture ATP- Applicable for Capture Client Advanced License)

SonicWall CSC:

  • For SanJose Colo

    FQDN: cloudgms.sonicwall.com
    Zero Touch FQDN: cloudtt.global.sonicwall.com

  • For AWS Colo

    FQDN: cscma.sonicwall.com
    Zero Touch FQDN: cscmatt.global.sonicwall.com

  • For AMS Colo

    FQDN: cloudgmsams.sonicwall.com
    Zero Touch FQDN: cloudttams.global.sonicwall.com

  • For AWS-FRA Colo

    FQDN: cscmafra.sonicwall.com
    Zero Touch FQDN: cscmafratt.global.sonicwall.com, cscmafratta.global.sonicwall.com

SonicWall NSM:

  • For Oregon AWS Colo

    FQDN: nsm-uswest.sonicwall.com (Use it in GMS settings under Administration Page)
    Zero Touch FQDN: nsm-uswest-zt.sonicwall.com (Use it in ZeroTouch Settings under Diag page)

  • For AWS-FRA Colo

    FQDN: nsm-eucentral.sonicwall.com (Use it in GMS settings under Administration Page)
    Zero Touch FQDN: nsm-eucentral-zt.sonicwall.com (Use it in ZeroTouch Settings under Diag page)

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