UniFi Network – Updating Third-Party, non-Console UniFi Network Applications

We recommend hosting your Network Application on a UniFi OS Console for the most seamless updating experience. In addition to providing the ability to toggle automatic Network Application updates, you can also initiate manual updates through the GUI.

Updating the Network Application

Updating your Network Application is very similar to the initial setup. You can download the latest version here

You will be required to close any running instances of the Network Application prior to the installation. Do not worry, your network will still continue to function as normal (devices will remain connected with internet access, and traffic will continue to be routed). 

After executing the file, the setup wizard will guide you through the process of updating your application. We always recommend downloading a backup file, found in your System Settings.

Note: macOS users may be required to move the downloaded file into the Applications folder, or right-click > open the file in order to begin the installation.

(Advanced) Updating via CLI on Linux-hosted Applications

It is also possible to use APT for managing updates on Debian and Ubuntu based installations. You may refer to this article for more details. This should only be attempted by users with appropriate knowledge of Linux.

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