Ubiquiti UniFi Network – UniFi Cloud Adoption (Layer 3)

Updated on 5 mag 2023Print

Layer 3 adoption is the process of adopting a UniFi device to a remote UniFi Network Application. This is only recommended for advanced users, or those adopting devices to the UniFi Cloud Console. 

We highly recommend that users refer to Device Adoption for standard device adoption.

L3 Adoption Methods

For layer 3 adoption, your UniFi Network Application and connected devices must have internet access.

UniFi Network Mobile App

The Cloud Console can leverage your UniFi Network Mobile App (iOS / Android) to provide the easiest L3 adoption experience. 

  1. Refer to our UniFi Device LED Status guide to ensure the device is in a factory-default state.
  2. Connect your mobile device to the same local network as your UniFi device. 
  3. Open your UniFi Network Mobile App and connect to site you want to adopt your device.
  4. Your device should appear for adoption.

DHCP Option 43

This option leverages your DHCP server to inform your UniFi device of the location of your remote Network Application host. Those with a UniFi Gateway can easily accomplish this by entering the IP address of the remote Network Application in Option 43 Application Host Address field located in the Network Settings.

For those using a third-party gateway or DHCP server, we recommend consulting your manufacturer’s documentation to learn more.


You’ll need to configure your DNS server to resolve ‘unifi’ to your remote UniFi Network Application host.

There are two methods of specifying the Network Application host:


  1. Make sure your device is in a factory-default state. You can refer to our UniFi Device LED Status guide. 
  2. SSH into the device. You may refer to our guide on how to Login with SSH.
  3. Issue the following command: set-inform http://ip-of-host:8080/inform
  4. The UniFi device will now show up for adoption and can be treated as a standard L2 adoption.

Migrating From Another Network Application

A Layer 3 migration is useful for moving devices from a current Network application to a new Cloud Console. See Backups and Migration for more information.

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