What are the Benefits of Adding an SSL Certificate to Your No-IP Free, Enhanced or Plus Hostname?

SSL Certificates are a great way to increase the security of your hostname because they add an extra layer of security for you and anyone that visits your hostname. Learn the benefits of adding an SSL Certificate to your Free, Enhanced Dynamic DNS or Plus Managed DNS hostname.

What is an SSL Certificate?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This means that your hostname is given a secure connection between it, the Internet browser, and the webserver. This allows websites to transmit private data online, without the worry of it being stolen. You can tell when a website has an SSL certificate enabled, when the HTTP in the URL ends with an S, making it an HTTPS. Example: https://www.noip.com.

What are the advantages of adding an SSL Certificate to your Free, Enhanced Dynamic DNS or Plus Managed DNS hostname?

Encryption and Verification

This is the biggest benefit of adding an SSL certificate to your hostname. The extra layer of encryption shows that your hostname is safe for people to visit. All of your visitor’s data will now be transmitted over an encrypted connection to the hostname and others won’t be able to see what is being sent.

The SSL Certificate also checks that the information it receives is coming from the expected domain. So, if your customer sends personal or private information, the SSL Certificate guarantees it is being sent to the secure site, and not to a potentially malicious one.

Ensures Data Integrity

A website that doesn’t have an SSL Certificate enabled sends data in a plain text format. This means that all of the data that is being sent between the server and the browser can be easily read. If a hacker were to gain access to your domain and then change the information being presented on your hostname, this is an example of domain spoofing.

Domain spoofing happens when a hacker gains access to the information on a website and then changes it before it gets sent to the browser for the user. When this happens, the user is typically not even aware they are visiting a compromised website. When an SSL certificate is enabled on the hostname, this becomes much harder as the data is not sent in plain text, but is sent in an encrypted, unreadable format.

Gains Your Users Trust

When you use an SSL Certificate, your hostname shows up with an HTTPS and a lock icon, signifying the hostname is secure. This helps users feel safe when they are on your hostname and makes them feel comfortable if you are asking them to enter sensitive information, like credit cards, or Social Security numbers.

Our Free Dynamic DNS, Enhanced Dynamic DNS and Plus Managed DNS accounts both come with 1 Free TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate. Additional SSL Certificates can be purchased and start at just $19.99 per year. You can learn more about each SSL Certificate and how you can add one today here.

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