Ubiquiti UniFi – UAP Status Meaning Definitions

This article describes the different statuses a UniFi Access Point might be ascribed by the UniFi Network application within the UniFi Devices section.

Device StatusDescription
ConnectedThe UAP is physically wired to the network by ethernet cable. The UAP is in a connected state, able to service WLAN stations. Currently, no updates/changes to configuration are being run on the UAP.
Connected (Wireless)The UAP is wirelessly uplinked to a physically wired AP.
Connected (100 FDX)The UAP is physically wired to the network at 100 Mbps in full-duplex mode. This will appear when a UAP is connected but not at the ideal connection rate. FDX stands for Full Duplex. It may appear as 10/100/1000, HDX or FDX.
Connected (Disabled)The UAP has been disabled in the UniFi Network application. Properties > Manage Device > Disable this Device. It will be excluded from the dashboard status, and its LED and WLAN will be turned off.
Connected (Limited)This will appear when a UAP is connected and can reach the UniFi Network application, but is unable to reach either the gateway or the custom IP defined for the uplink connectivity monitor. In this state downlink UAPs (wireless UAPs) will become Isolated.
ProvisioningThe UAP is in a connected state, however it is applying updates/changes to the configuration, and will shortly reboot (temporarily disconnecting WLAN stations), and return back online.
RestartingAfter clicking on the Restart button in the Actions column, the device will restart.
AdoptingDevice is adopting normally.
Pending AdoptionThe UAP has been detected by the UniFi Network application, but is not adopted yet. Click on the Adopt button to do so.
Pending Adoption (Update Required)Devices with firmware that are too old for UniFi Network application will see this when attempting to adopt. Clicking Update will upgrade the Device to the latest stable firmware release and adopt the Device to the application.
Heartbeat Missed  The UniFi Network application did not receive a reply at the dynamically scheduled interval. This will appear before “Disconnected,” usually about 30-45 seconds after missing the interval. This is usually seen when configuring a wireless uplink, if state does not change to connected after a while something went wrong. See this article for wireless uplink instructions.
Disconnected The adopted UAP is now in a disconnected state, meaning the UniFi Network application does not have connectivity to the access point (check cables, network settings, and changes to topology).
IsolatedThe adopted UAP is unable to reach the gateway and is awaiting a nearby, wired UAP, which is already managed by the UniFi Network application in order to establish “wireless uplink.” See this article for wireless uplink instructions.
Managed by OtherA UAP is located on the same network as the UniFi Network application, but is already bound to another UniFi Network application. Providing the username/password to the UAP will unbind the UAP from the existing Network application and begin adoption in current application. See this article: UniFi – Advanced Adoption of a “Managed By Other” Device.
UpgradingThe UAP is upgrading and should not be disconnected. This should be accompanied by the AP’s LED flashing. (See what the different LED combinations mean in this article).
RF ScanningAppears when an RF Scan is taking place.

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