Ubiquiti UniFi – Storage Requirements and Compatibility

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Hard disks (HDD) enable the storage of recordings from Protect and Access, as well as voicemails from Talk. The Cloud Key Gen2 Plus requires an HDD, and comes with a 1TB disk pre-installed for your convenience.


Storage TypeApplicable UniFi HostsRecommended StorageGeneral Requirements
3.5″ HDDDream Machine Pro, Dream Machine SE, Network Video Recorders8TB UniFi HDDCMR drive with 7200RPM read/write speeds
2.5″ HDDCloud Key Gen2 PlusIncluded HDD, or Toshiba 2.5″ MQ01ABD100VCMR drive with 5400RPM read/write speeds
MicroSD CardDream Router, Dream WallMinimum capacity of 128GB

You can find instructions for replacing your current storage devices here.

Incompatible Storage

3.5” Disks

SeagateSkyHawkST10000VX000410TBDoes not fit the drive tray.
SeagateUltrathinST500LT032500GBDoes not have bottom screws.
Western DigitalUltraSlimWD5000MPCK500GBDoes not have bottom screws and connectors do not fit the tray.
AnyAnySMR DrivesAnyDrives fit the tray but cause issues.

2.5” Disks

SeagateIronwolfZA960NM10001960GBDoes not meet the Power requirements*
SeagateIronwolfZA1920NM100011.92TBDoes not meet the Power requirements*
SeagateIronwolfZA3840NM100013.84TBDoes not meet the Power requirements*

*The Cloud Key Gen2 Plus does not support hard drives that require a 12V supply in addition to the default 5V supply.

MicroSD Cards

SamsungEVO PlusAnyAnyCompatible with the Dream Router, not the Dream Wall
AnyAnyAny<128GBSD Cards must have at least 128GB of storage capacity

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