Ubiquiti UniFi Network 7.0 Introduces Revamped Settings to Simplify System Configuration

Comprehensive network customization has always been a touchstone of the UniFi Network application, and a guiding principle for our developers who work tirelessly to refine it. However, providing such an immense degree of user control can sometimes complicate our larger pursuit to simplify IT for every type of user. We want our settings to provide a wealth of options while also being easy to navigate and understand. Otherwise, network optimization is only possible for the most technically adept.

UniFi Network 7.0 resolves this tension by delivering a more intuitively organized dashboard and an enhanced search engine that makes it simpler than ever to locate the exact settings you need to support your unique deployment. We’ve also expanded automation options for many settings to deliver a more plug-and-play experience for new UniFi users setting up their systems for the first time.

Making network configuration more accessible is our top priority with the 7.0 release, but long-time users can rest assured that our advanced settings remain as robust as ever. In fact, we’ve made many key innovations, including network-specific multicast DNS settings, expanded data retention options, and more sophisticated configuration copying that even accounts for the specific outlet a device is plugged into. You’ll also be able to surf through these options with unprecedented speed as we’ve drastically lowered latency within the Settings menu.

In short, UniFi Network 7.0 is about making your network settings as unique as your deployment, in terms of functionality, navigability, and even aesthetic with the introduction of Light Mode and other dashboard enhancements. There’s so much more we could cover, but no rundown could compare to seeing these improvements yourself.

However, if you’d like to start by reviewing the release’s bug fixes, known issues, OS-specific installation details, or download links, you can find them all on the Ubiquiti Community forum. Once you’ve updated to 7.0 and had some time to explore, we’d love to hear about your experience on the forum as well!

This release marks a huge advancement of UniFi by making network management deeper and more accessible—but our work continues. To follow us on our journey, make sure to check this feed periodically for new content related to product announcements, innovations, tutorials, and more.

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