Sonicwall Gen7 Firewall Inaccessible/ Reboot Loop from 20th Jan 2022

UPDATED: 7 p.m. EST, Jan. 21

On January 20, 2022, at around 9.30 p.m. (U.S. EST), SonicWall started to receive reports that some SonicOS 7.0 firewall users were experiencing service disruptions in the form of reboot loops or connectivity issues.


Certain firewalls running SonicOS 7.0 were not able to correctly process the signature update published on Jan. 20. During signature update parsing by one of the components within SonicOS, a corner case error condition led to a restart or connectivity disruption. Firewalls are designed to fetch new signatures on startup, so this process repeated after a restart.


SonicWall updated the signatures to address the issue, including refreshed timestamps. Firewalls will automatically pull the full signature update so no end-user action is required. SonicWall has identified the root cause and implemented multiple changes to prevent future occurrences.

Alternate Workaround

Prior to receiving updated signatures that resolves the issue as outlined above, the following temporary workaround can be implemented as an alternate workaround by users who have physical access to the impacted device.

  1. Unplug the WAN connection (If you are unable to log in to the firewall)
  2. Log in to the firewall from the LAN
  3. Navigate to the Diag page. This can be reached by typing in the LAN IP of the SonicWall in the browser, with https://IP/sonicui/7/m/mgmt/settings/diag.
  4. Click on internal settings to access the internal settings page or diag page. Please search for the option “Enable Incremental updates to IDP, GAV and SPY signature databases.”
  5. Disable (Uncheck) this setting and select ‘Accept.’ It is important to select ‘Accept’ for the setting to take effect.
  6. Plug the WAN connection and restart the firewall.

Monitor the firewall to ensure this addresses the issue. If neither of the above resolutions work, please reach out to support for further assistance.

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