Part 10: See How Customers Are Unlocking the Power of Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS 

Sonali Desai
February 7, 2024

Trying to figure out how to start your hybrid cloud journey and looking for some real-world customer examples to see how customers have used VMware Cloud on AWS for different use cases and how they have seen significant positive impact in terms of cost, speed and uptime of the environment after moving to VMware Cloud on AWS, then you are at the right place. In this blog series (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8 and Part 9), you will find a lot of different customer stories across different geographies and different industries who have been using VMware Cloud on AWS over the past few years.

And now, we are back with another set of latest customer stories in Part 10 of this blog series. But before we dive into it, let’s look at the latest IDC Business Value Snapshot results with you.

Hot off the Press!!! 2024 IDC Business Value Snapshot: VMware Cloud on AWS Outshines On-Premises, Unleashing Superior Agility, Performance, and Business Results

IDC interviewed some of the existing VMware Cloud on AWS customers. And they found out that VMware Cloud on AWS delivers superior agility and performance, better cost and staff efficiencies and improved business results as compared to the traditional on-premises environments and faster and efficient migration as compared to other traditional public cloud options. So don’t forget to check out the 2024 IDC Business Value Snapshot.

Now, let’s dive into some of the recent customer stories and understand what they have to say about their experiences of using VMware Cloud on AWS:

1. NEC Corporation Performs Accelerated, Seamless Migration to the Cloud

NEC Corporation, a provider of diverse solutions ranging from social infrastructure to public and private enterprises to space development in Japan, had “Digital Transformation within the company” as one of the top initiatives on their agenda and for that, they were seeking for a fast, affordable, and secure transition to cloud. To implement a large-scale move to the cloud rapidly and smoothly—at low cost—NEC chose VMware Cloud on AWS mainly because this service fulfilled their 2 key requirements: minimal impact of cloud migration on end users and reduced time and costs of migration.

After carefully considering how to safely carry out the cloud migration in a cost-effective and speedy manner, we decided that VMware Cloud on AWS was the best choice.”​ Hiroshi Kodama, Corporate Executive Vice President, CIO and CISO, NEC Corporation​

In only 70 days, NEC completed the migration of 301 systems and 424 virtual machines to VMware Cloud on AWS. And after moving to VMware Cloud on AWS, they were able to cut migration costs by 91% and reduced their operational expenses by 19% over the previous on-premises infrastructure.

Check out the case study and video to learn more about their experiences.

2. Loyalty NZ Disrupts Data-Driven Loyalty Programs with VMware Cloud on AWS

With around 2.8 million members, Loyalty NZ runs Flybuys, the most extensive loyalty program in New Zealand. They have significant amount of valuable customer insights data that their partners rely on. And they realized that they should move from traditional infrastructure model to hybrid cloud model that would allow them to better utilize this data and provide better customer engagement and personalized customer experiences. Loyalty NZ wanted to exit its physical data centers and adopted VMware Cloud on AWS as the solution to complete this transition. They migrated their physical data centers to VMware Cloud on AWS in three phases in just over three months, right on schedule.

And here is what they have to say about their experience of using VMware Cloud on AWS:

“We’ve gone through two holiday periods, and we’ve had a total of zero severity one incidents. Queries that previously ran in hours, now take minutes. And at important retail dates, we’ve been able to ramp up our capacity to 800percent.” says Brian Ferris, CTO, Loyalty NZ.

“This was a complex migration made simple. It was on time, on budget, on scope, minimal business disruption and delivered all the value that it was meant to” says Jeremy Anderson, acting CTO, Loyalty NZ.

Read the story to learn more.

3. POSCO DX Expands Business with VMware Horizon VDI on VMware Cloud on AWS

Posco DX specializes in deploying industrial robots in high-risk, high-intensity industrial environments to enhance worker safety and streamline logistics management. With the new goal of discovering future businesses in smart logistics, automation, and industrial robots space, POSCO DX wanted to move from its previous ad-hoc, revenue-based system integration to a subscription-based business model. Additionally, POSCO DX recognized that it was necessary to create a next-gen work environment for the distributed workforce to increase employee productivity. Also, security was their prime concern. POSCO DX required seamless access from any device that can easily maneuver between private and public spaces while maintaining a high level of security and operational efficiency.

In order to address these business needs, Posco DX deployed a full-stack VDI system offered by VMware Horizon running on VMware Cloud on AWS, that provides hardened security. VMware Cloud on AWS offered strong Zero Trust security, which enhanced mobile security and behavior-based endpoint response with micro-segmentation using distributed firewalls and information leakage monitoring. VMware Cloud on AWS provided them fast migration and bi-directional portability of workloads without demanding any application refactoring or changes.

With the newly introduced VMware VDI solution, we have even achieved a business transformation based on a Zero Trust security framework.” Seok Bae Yoon, Project Manager, IT Infrastructure Group, TSS Section, POSCO DX

After migrating VDI workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, POSCO DX experienced improved performance for applications including video conference and collaboration tools. And automated operations including VDI lifecycle management and user inquiry response resulted in cost reduction. Also, POSCO DX improved energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions, and the company achieved improved corporate governance via enhanced security.

Check out this case study to learn more.

4. The Royal Orthopedic Hospital Pioneers Move to the Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

NHS- The Royal Orthopedic Hospital is one of the largest musculoskeletal and orthopedic hospitals in Europe. The hospital wanted to deliver quality healthcare to its patients while reducing operating costs, minimizing the healthcare system’s carbon footprint, and giving clinicians better access to the high-performing IT systems they need to provide quality healthcare.

The Royal Orthopedic Hospital used VMware Cloud on AWS to deliver patient care with highly available services at a lower cost, enabling the hospital trust to meet sustainability goals, scale hybrid workforce, and optimize IT spending. The hospital seamlessly migrated critical workloads such as medical systems, patient data, the radiology solution, and administrative functions, including the letter dictation application and appointment management and patient check-in systems within few days.

We’ve had a great experience with VMware, so implementing VMware Cloud on AWS was the natural choice.” Liam Maiden, IT Program Manager, The Royal Orthopedic Hospital

By moving to VMware Cloud on AWS, The Royal Orthopedic Hospital has embraced a new era of efficiency and scalability, giving clinicians reliable access to tools that help them deliver outstanding patient care. Administrative staff can also work more efficiently from anywhere, promoting greater employee wellbeing.

Read this case study to learn more.

5. iGA BahraiEmbraces Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts to Transform Government Services

iGA Bahrain is the umbrella for all Bahrain public sector entities. iGA governs and facilitates services within the IT sector, such as proposing public policies, suitable legislation, and decisions for the implementation of the eGovernment programs, as well as necessary IT and data programs.

iGA had 75% of its workloads in the public cloud since around 2017, and the remaining 25% of sensitive and critical workloads were held on-premises with a separate on-premises facility for disaster recovery. There was little coordination between the cloud and on-premises workloads, which led to increased complexity, especially when workloads needed to be moved between the two. This setup also required significant resources to manage and maintain and iGA needed more agility to upscale capacity or offer new services and solutions to government departments. The disaster recovery setup also presented a risk as iGA was using a manual solution that required a minimum of six hours to start up, which in the event of a disaster could lead to loss of data and services to end users.

So, iGA was looking for secure, flexible, efficient, and agile solution that would offer secure cloud services, including sovereign cloud and DR as a Service. iGA opted to deploy VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts to give a completely managed sovereign cloud solution for its on-premises workloads. With VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts, iGA has achieved a cloud-like experience on-premises, providing its customers with a secure sovereign cloud experience. And, due to consistent infrastructure and operations across the hybrid cloud environment, they stored less sensitive data on VMware Cloud on AWS Bahrain region. For DRaaS solution, iGA used VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery on VMware Cloud on AWS to protect its data and applications in the most efficient way possible which helped iGA to efficiently secure its data and services. This was especially useful for supporting government agency users whose requirements can change suddenly.

“By offering secure, flexible cloud solutions to government agencies and private sector organizations, we can ensure workloads are operating at maximum efficiency and availability. This will help the government to fulfil its mission of helping Bahrain to transform into the finest country in GCC to visit, live, work and conduct business.” Dr. Khalid Ahmed Almutawah, Deputy Chief Executive, Operations and Governance, iGA

Don’t miss this case study and video to learn more.

Customer Panel Sessions:

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