Dropbox Uninstall via Batch Script

Dropbox Removal via Batch Script (works for SCCM or other management systems)

I recently ran into a security issue at work where we had a number of users installing and using Dropbox on their machines. Well this is an issue becuase they can take company files and upload them. So I was assigned the task of removing Dropbox and blocking it. Blocking it was simple enough but removing it not so much. My first thought was that I would use SCCM. However, when I went to look for a way to uninstall off multiple machines at once I found this was not supported. So I created a batch file that will perform the removal. Now I will say it is a little sloppy as it leaves behind the icon and shortcuts and I am still currntly looking for a way to remove those too but for now the concern is taken care of as this removes and prevents users from using Dropbox. Feel free to comment any ways I can inprove on this. I would love to hear it and anything we come up with together will also be submitted to the Dropbox community.

You should download the Offline Installer.exe from Dropbox and create an application out of it but set the uninstall program field to reference the "UninstallDropbox.bat"

Then when you deploy set it to Action:Uninstall Purpose:Required



I have attached the script


Detection Method:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\


The File System Setting Must Exist on the Target System to Indicate Pressence of the Application







<Check> Use (Default) Registry key value for detection

This registry setting must exist on the target system to indicate pressence of the application


Platform verified

Windows 10Yes
Windows Server 2012No
Windows Server 2012 R2No
Windows Server 2008 R2No
Windows Server 2008No
Windows Server 2003No
Windows Server 2016No
Windows 8Yes
Windows 7No
Windows VistaNo
Windows XPNo
Windows 2000No


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