Discover Your Perfect Console with the New UniFi OS Resource Calculator

Your UniFi deployment is only as good as the planning behind it. There are two important questions to consider as you build your dream system and determine how to optimize its performance. The first is whether or not your equipment can be seamlessly integrated into your space. 

We have you covered there with our Design Center, the interactive visualization tool that allows you to map out a custom network uniquely suited for your location. Check out our brief video overview to learn more.

The UniFi product suite is vast, cohesive, and designed to be highly scalable so you can build and support networks of any size. That means you have myriad options when it comes to choosing your ideal devices, applications, and functionality, so we strongly recommend taking your time during the planning process. Once you’ve finalized your deployment, then comes the all-important follow-up question:

Do I have what I need to run all of this?

With that in mind, we’re very excited to introduce the UniFi OS Console Resource Calculator: a brand-new modal that not only provides console-specific processing and memory caps with a single click, but gives dynamic approximations of how well each console can support various deployment types.

Granularity is the name of the game with our new calculator. Our top priority is ensuring that every user can fully capture each component of their system so they know exactly what console is right for them. After selecting a console and the applications it will run, you have a wealth of customization options to help you specify how many devices you’re connecting, how they will function, and whether or not they will have advanced configurations.

As you make your adjustments, you’ll see how each console’s CPU and memory are impacted, helping you determine whether you’ve chosen the right model or you require one with higher specs. Take a look at the calculator in action in our April edition of Ubiquiti Insider:

Simplifying IT isn’t just about making networking technology more accessible and intuitive; it’s about giving users a deeper understanding of how their system works and what’s needed to support it. We’re very proud of this new innovation because it’s directly tied to our greatest pursuit: delivering the best system performance and user experience possible.

We really can’t wait for you to try the resource calculator, so take it for a spin here and let us know what you think on the Ubiquiti Community forum. Also, be sure to check back soon for more news on the ever-expanding world of UniFi!

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