Can Settings be Exported/Imported from one SonicWall to Another? (Support Matrix)


While settings can be exported from one SonicWall to another, not every model of SonicWall is compatible with all others. Similarly, some firmware versions are not compatible with subsequent versions as new features were added or changes were made to existing features. This article details which settings files are supported to and from each SonicWall UTM device to help administrators avoid possible settings corruption from unsupported settings Imports.


Support Matrix for Gen 7 Products

SonicOS 7 is only compatible with Gen 7 hardware such as the TZ570 and 670. SonicOS is the minimum version supported for settings import to a TZ running SonicOS 7. Existing settings for Global Bandwidth Management, Virtual Assist and Content Filter Client Enforcement cannot be imported into SonicOS 7. Global Bandwidth Management is replaced by Advanced Bandwidth Management, and the other features are deprecated in SonicOS 7.

NOTE: Settings import from Gen6/6.5 is only supported with migration tool. For help with creating Gen7 settings file using migration tool, please follow: How to Create Gen 7 Settings File by Using the Online Migration Tool?. Once you have a Gen7 compatible configuration from Migration tool, settings can be imported into relevant Gen7 models as per the product matrix.


Configuration Settings Import Support by Version

 CAUTION: Settings from a higher firmware version cannot be imported into a lower version of firmware. For example it is not supported to import 6.5.3.x settings into 6.5.1.x firmware.

How To Understand And Resolve Settings Corruption

The following matrix illustrates the supported source and destination versions of SonicOS when importing configuration settings from one appliance to another. SonicOS 6.5 and 7.0 are included.


Configuration settings import to a TZ running SonicOS 7 from any SonicOS 6.x version prior to SonicOS 6.5.x is supported as a two-step process:

  1. Upgrade the TZ from SonicOS 6.x to SonicOS or higher.
  2. Export settings from the upgraded TZ and then use the migration tool to  import them to the TZ running SonicOS 7.

Configuration Settings Import Support by Platform

The matrix in this section shows the SonicWall firewalls running SonicOS 6.5 or 7.0 whose configuration settings can be imported to SonicWall platforms running SonicOS 7.0.

In the matrix, the source firewalls are in the left column, and the destination firewalls are listed across the top.


The legend for the above table is:


 NOTE: Settings import is supported form SOHO running SonicOS 5.9 to SonicWall platforms running SonicOS 7.0. This is a special case, as SOHO cannot run SonicOS6.5.

Support Matrix for Importing Preferences from Gen 5 to Gen 6 Products

 NOTE: Upgrading from SonicOS 5.9.0.x to SonicOS 6.1.x.x is NOT supported at this time.

 NOTE: SonicOS running on NSv does NOT support settings import from a physical to virtual NSv

Failing to follow the guidelines as provided in this article may result in a failed upgrade and/or corruption of the configuration file, which would then require a manual configuration of the firewall settings.

 TIP: When importing settings to a TZ Series Firewall, make sure to disable Portshield on the destination Firewall beforehand to ensure the interface configuration will be updated.

 CAUTION: Settings from a higher firmware version cannot be imported into a lower version of firmware. For example importing settings into firmware is unsupported.



TZ Series / SOHO Series Configuration Import Support


NSA / SuperMassive Configuration Import Support


NSa Configuration Import Support



 NOTE:  SonicOS running on NSv Gen 6/6.5 does not support settings import to NSv Gen 7 devices at this time.

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