Better Together: AWS and Trend Micro

There’s a very good reason why AWS remains a leader in cloud computing. While many providers describe themselves as “customer obsessed,” few come close to our long-time partner in the lengths it goes to earn and retain the trust of its customers.

AWS starts with the customer and works backwards. That means the vast majority of its feature enhancements and new services are directly driven from their input. The latest is Amazon GuardDuty Malware Protection.

This threat detection tool, which will work closely with Trend Micro cloud solutions, will provide another valuable layer of defense in our fight against a shared adversary.

Shining a light on an expanding attack surface

Spurred by a drive for greater cost efficiency and business agility, global organizations are migrating to the cloud in droves. Gartner predicts the worldwide market for public cloud services will reach almost $495bn this year, and grow by over 21% in 2023. In this environment, security remains a persistent concern for cloud builders, because if not properly managed, investments can increase the digital attack surface.

According to recent Trend Micro research, many global organizations are already struggling to securely manage their cloud assets. We found that 73% of IT and business leaders are concerned with the size of their attack surface, and 43% claim it is “spiralling out of control.” Cloud is the area where most respondents say they have least insight. They want their cloud providers to do more—for example by building enhanced detection into their systems, to complement third-party tools.

That’s part of the reason why AWS built Amazon GuardDuty Malware Protection was built. This new feature is triggered by detection of known malicious signatures across the cloud network. Based on this detection, the service scans the associated Amazon EBS storage environment for malware and reports any findings to AWS Security Hub. Open APIs from here link to products like Trend Micro Cloud One to enhance existing detection and response efforts.

Better together

Trend Micro and AWS have been working closely together for over a decade now, and this latest announcement represents another exciting stage in the journey. Customers will welcome AWS native threat detection as a complement to their Trend Micro Cloud One capabilities, delivering a comprehensive range of features to secure the hybrid cloud. Once they add the AWS tool to our virtual patching, vulnerability scanning, lateral movement detection, posture management and other capabilities, joint customers will have a powerful set of integrated offerings to deliver simple, all-in-one cloud security and compliance.

In addition, this move from AWS validates our XDR strategy, which is focused on using as many data sources as possible to enhance detection and response. The bottom line is that security takes a village. Customers, cloud providers and security vendors have a shared responsibility to work together as the threat landscape continues to evolve. That’s what we’ll continue to do, expanding and deepening our strategic partnerships with AWS and other providers in a collective effort to make the digital world safer.

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